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Here you will find a list of people who are seeking assistance in relieving debt problems they have. Considering donating to help them get back on their feet.

I am drowning in an ocean of Debt! Please Help!

Rescue Jen

Help Our Mom

Helping Hand

Save Deb

Craig's New Life Needs Help

Michael In Need

A single mother asking for help

Save Frank and Eva

Help for Gidget

Desperate Christine

David's Hope

Help a struggling College student

Help Coco

Need your help to catch up on bills.

Close to homeless

Help Matt and Katie

Save My Family

Future for Family

Can You Spare A Dollar

Help Me Refinance My Home

Frank Needs Help

Donate to Jeff

My Sad Story

Help Steve with his Credit Card Debt

My Last Resort

Panda's Page

Righteous Judgment

Help For A Single Mommy

Help A Couple Get Married

Help Save Cheri

Save Doug

Save Amanda

Bound To You For Help

Save Kimberly

We Need Your Help

A Poor College Student In Need

Help me finish school and pay my medical bills.

Cyberbeggar listing site

Please Please Please Help Me

Please Help

Desperate One

The Janis Family

A plea for assistance

A family plea

Help Bob Pay Off His College Loans While Fighting Cancer!!

Would you like to join the Debt Free Me Network? Please put the banner bellow on your main webpage and use the URL below as the hyperlink. 


Please E-mail me to let me know that you have added my banner/link to your website at the address below.