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The Million Pursuit Odyssey

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The One Million Seed Challenge


One Million Penny Collection


Four Million Steps For Health


One Million Charms for Luck


One Million Monopoly Dollar Project


2 Million Seconds Of Dates


New Utopia: 30 Million Seconds Into The Future


One Million Car Payments


One Million Credit


One Million Stamps


55 Million Miles To Mars


One Million Dollar Man


One Million Canadian Penny Collection


One Million Guest Book Signatures


One Million Links



Welcome to a new Internet experience. The Million Pursuit Odyssey.  In short, it is an effort to collect, count, and distribute millions of different things using the power of the Internet. Giving Internet surfers the opportunity to both enjoy and participate in this experience. This odyssey will attempt to break records, make collections while aiding others in collecting, and pursuing goals for others and myself. In these pages you will be able to follow the journey. Thank you for coming by and visiting. Please feel free to Contact Us to leave comments, questions or suggestions.


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